Please note that we are not a clinic, we do not do diagnostics, we do not do Therapeutic or Clinical Massage (in Portugal that is the domain of a physiotherapist), and certainly not Deep Tissue Massage, as this keeps you in pain and alert and we aim to deeply relax you while still working on your muscles. This is why we only do the Falua Style Massage.

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Monday-Friday 1pm-8pm
Saturday 1pm-6pm

We only accept eight customers daily, we are about quality not quantity, so book ahead to secure your Falua appointment.

Showing up without a reservation is discouraged because we might be busy and we´d very sad to see you lose a trip. Your best bet is to always check availability online.


Rua de Camões,218, 4th Floor
Just Above Metro Trindade

We are the corner building of Rua de Camões and Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão, just next to the underpass (bridge) and directly across the street from SUPERDECOR. If you are coming from Metro Trindade just walk up the street Rua de Camões until you come to number 218. Our building entrance is between Novobanco and a Dentist.


We´re sorry but we do not take phone calls. We work primarily with an online booking system. It is super easy, fast, and secures you a spot immediately.

To date we´ve had zero complaints for wrong bookings, double bookings, lost bookings, etc. Because 90% of our customers are tourists we´ve decided to accept bookings via our online Booking App ONLY, in order to overcome any language barriers and interpretation mistakes - so it is all controlled by you, there is no intervention on our part. We make it simple for you to book, for you to change, for you to cancel. We simply comply with your request.


When booking first choose either a Single Massage or a Couple Massage (same room), then the product you want, then day and time, enter your details and you are booked. You will receive a confirmation email immediately with a reschedule button and a cancelation button should you need to change or cancel.


Your confirmation email has clear instructions on how to find us in Porto. Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your massage. You do not need to bring anything with you except your online reservation email.

We do not have a receptionist to take your call, we do online booking exclusively.
If you ring our door and there is no answer it´s because we are busy. Please go online and check for the next available spot via our Booking App


Your booking confirmation email has two buttons, for Cancelation and Rescheduling, should you need to cancel for any reason or book for another time or another day, no questions asked. You manage it as you see fit.
We just ask that you kindly let us know if you´re not coming by using the cancelation button on your confirmation email. We graciously thank-you in advance.


You can either choose to pay online when you book or after your Falua Massage. We accept most debit and credit cards.

If you have paid online and need to cancel we will refund you 100%.


If you´re looking for a special gift we offer you the possibility of buying a Gift-Voucher online, in the comfort of your own home. It is super easy!

For a Falua Gift-Voucher for one person, click this link: SINGLE

For a Falua Gift-Voucher for 2 persons (same-room) click this link: COUPLE

Follow the instructions, pay online, and then send your Falua Gift-Voucher to that special someone via email. In the email there is a link where he/she can then book their Falua Massage at their convenience. They can of course also change times, dates, cancel, no problem, it is all managed by our Booking App, instantly.


Respectfully note that continuously asking us for more pressure is futile, we do not do it - because insisting on "more pressure" keeps your mind "active" and in a constant state of alertness and this defeats the purpose of Falua which is to deeply relax you to the point of stage 1 and stage 2 NREM Sleep.

More than 90% of our customers are tourists and bring with them different expectations and notions of what a massage should be based on their culture and massage experiences (especially if you are used to clinical massage or deep tissue masssage), so the best way to truly enjoy Falua is to put those notions aside, let go of your assumptions, take a deep breath, keep a silent mind, and welcome a new massage experience.

Please know that we are not a clinic, we do not make diagnosis or treatments. We do a full-body massage in pure Falua tradition only.

The objective of Falua Massage is to deeply relax you while still working on your muscles but in a way you do not notice (feel free to ask us how after your massage).


For Falua Massage that use oils we heat them in the room, in front of you, using a traditional bunsen technique with a clay vase and candles. It makes all the difference in the more colder months.


All of our massage tables are heated for added confort. Please feel free to ask us to turn it off should it get to warm for you. It is always your responsability to speak if something is not according to your confort level.

432hz MUSIC
For Falua Massage we use 432hz music which is calmer, more relaxing, and more soul.

432 hertz is said to resonate inside the body, releasing emotional blockages and aligning you with the heartbeat of the universe.


After your Falua Massage, in the confort of your room, we offer you a nice Tawny Port wine to savour and complete your Falua journey. After all, you are in Porto.


This question box is not intended for booking, only to clarify any doubts you might have. For booking a Falua Massage please our online Booking App.


In order to achieve a deeper relaxation state Falua needs to be performed as a full-body massage which means we do not accept booking requests for half-body or a specific zone only. If you have a diagnosable problem or muscular trouble area, in Portugal you should seek the help of a physiotherapist.
Falua is more than just a massage style, or a massage modality, it is a full-body massage experience.

Be courteous and respectful- NO NUDITY ALLOWED - We have disposable underwear should you require. Ask for it.

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